City Will Select First in Expansion Draft and MLS SuperDraft

Orlando City won the day in the Expansion Priority Draft today, and will select first in both the Expansion Draft and the MLS SuperDraft.

“We’ve got a lot of good young players but we don’t have any MLS experience,” said OCSC Head Coach Adrian Heath. “We think we’re going to get one or two players that will help us straight away. We’re going to need as much experience as possible.”

Orlando City’s card came out of the hopper, giving Heath the first selection, and he chose the Expansion Draft, which will take place Dec. 10. New York City FC coach Jason Kreis opted for the allocation priority with his team’s pick, giving Heath the top spot in the SuperDraft.

At that point, Kreis misread his notes and selected the discovery ranking with his second selection. That allowed Heath to scoop up the USL PRO/NASL ranking with his next pick.

Here’s how the whole thing shook out:

  1. Orlando City – Expansion Draft
  2. NYCFC – Allocation Priority
  3. Orlando City – MLS SuperDraft
  4. NYCFC – Discovery Ranking Priority
  5. Orlando City – USL PRO / NASL Ranking Priority
  6. NYCFC – Waiver Re-entry Draft Priority
  7. Orlando City – Lottery Ranking Priority
  8. NYCFC – Designated Player Ranking Priority

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