Estrela and Rafael Ramos called up for Portugal U-20 squad

Orlando City’s Portuguese duo have both received their first call-ups for Portugal’s national U-20 team.

Rafael Ramos (pictured above, on the left) and Valdomiro Tualungo Paulo Lameiras (a.k.a. Estrelathat name is impressive and how Estrela comes out of there is beyond me) were both signed mid-season from Portuguese giants SL Benfica this past campaign.

The tandem has been attached at the hip regarding news of the players, as they were signed at the same time, debuted for the Lions at the same time, and are now being called up to begin their foray into international football together. Heck, both players even scored their first and only goals of the campaign during the same match on their debuts.  The casual fan would be forgiven for thinking Estrela and Ramos were just one person!

Luckily for Orlando City, the Portuguese youngsters cover two different areas of need on the pitch, Ramos is a fullback and Estrela’s preferred position is defensive midfield.

All in all, this is great news for Orlando City SC to have these promising young players given a chance at the international level and it can only help their development.


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