OCSC Prez: “We Will Cap Citrus Bowl Capacity at 19,500”

Orlando City President Phil Rawlins has clarified ticket and season ticket caps for the 2015 MLS season at the Citrus Bowl. Through a post on the Iron Lion Firm supporters’ group Facebook page, Rawlins stated that Citrus Bowl attendance will be capped at 19,500—the same capacity as the new downtown soccer-only stadium—except for select games, such as opening night and the playoffs.

Rawlins added that the cap on season tickets will be 14,000, and the club expects to sell those out. The Lions’ front office also expects to “sell out most games.” He also dispelled a rumor that the club would be on the hook if it opened the second or third tier of the Citrus Bowl and failed to sell out those levels.

Other items noted by Rawlins include:

  • Orlando City is are currently tracking positively against the inaugural season ticket sales of other recent MLS expansion clubs (Portland was specifically mentioned, as well as the Timbers’ 50 consecutive sellouts).
  • Those who want to guarantee having a season ticket and a selected seat in 2016, supporters must purchase a season ticket in 2015.

Recent reports have the current season ticket total above the 8,000 mark. Might not be a bad idea to get those tickets now.



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