NYCFC’s Jersey Unveiling Didn’t Go So Well…

Manchester City II, er, I mean, New York City FC had its own little jersey release party this week, and let’s just say the reception wasn’t quite as warm as it was for Orlando City.

That other expansion team up north went with kits almost identical to those of their parent club, Manchester City, to the disappointment of many of the fans. With the failure of the Chivas USA experiment still fresh, fans are understandably concerned about NYCFC mirroring Manchester City so closely. Will the ownership remain interested and involved, or will NYCFC be an afterthought?

Here are some more serious thoughts from our friends over at Hudson River Blue. We, on the other hand, collected some of the best fan responses for your viewing pleasure!



2 thoughts on “NYCFC’s Jersey Unveiling Didn’t Go So Well…”

  1. The only substantial difference between this kit and the Man City kit, besides the team logos, is the Adidas striping.

    I can imagine that Nike would be absolutely livid about that.


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