Meet Your New Youth/Academy Correspondent

Hello readers, my name is Casey Moore. I am the new Orlando City youth/academy correspondent for The Mane Land. I’ll be covering the club’s player development and youth programs for the site, and I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

I was born in South Florida and lived there until I was eight. My father then took a job in Grayson, Georgia. Growing up in Georgia provides a whole set of different experiences than living in South Florida. Scraping ice from your windshield, single-digit temperatures, more pickup trucks than you can count, the country music, Friday night football, and so many more hundreds of experiences unique to the area are what have shaped me into the person that I am today.

I loved so many things about Georgia but I was always counting down until the day I could move back to Florida. My chance to reunite with the Florida sunshine came around when I was accepted into Florida State University.

I am currently a senior attending FSU. Time has flown by and I now find myself with two semesters left until I graduate. The degree I am pursuing is in information, communication and technology. I am also close to obtaining a minor in hospitality management. Attending FSU was a dream of mine since I was about three. I knew what I wanted and spent my entire life working toward achieving my goal. Many years from now, I will look back on the four years spent at FSU and smile. These four years have easily been the best of my life and a big part of me will be sad on graduation day. I will always be a Florida State Seminole!

Sports have always been my passion. Everyone needs an outlet and sports are mine. I ran track and cross country for three years in high school.  Passion is seen in every sport and is what makes sports so special, in my opinion. I spend about 90 percent of my weekends on the couch watching any sport I can find on TV. I love sports so much that my job is a coach for a fitness program in elementary and middle schools. This program is to help students become better athletes and to fight childhood obesity.

I have also been actively trying to become a youth track coach in Tallahassee. People always tell me that I should be involved in the sports industry, but I never thought that I could make sports a career. It was the fear of not knowing enough that made me second guess if this was right for me. I felt that it was nearly impossible for non-collegiate or those who aren’t former professional athletes to find opportunities in sports. Little did I know, there were plenty of these opportunities on campus.

College is a place to explore different opportunities. This is what I have learned in my final year on campus, and I am making the most of it. First I decided to try out to become a soccer referee for intramurals on campus; this is where I learned different aspects of the game.

Then, one day a friend told me to show up to a meeting for the campus radio station. After the meeting I was signed up to be a sports reporter, which involves going live on air to give some big sports headlines that day. I took a chance and it has paid off. Working at the station has allowed me to meet so many great people who, like myself, love sports and are seeking a career in the industry. If only I could use the confidence and experience I was learning here to take the next step.

Now here I am, writing for The Mane Land. I am excited to share my passion for soccer, and OCSC, with readers and to see where this great journey takes us. I never envisioned that I would even make it this far into the sports world, but here I am. I never give up on my dreams. Passion, courage, drive, and determination have gotten me here. I hope that writing for this site; I can inspire people to follow their dreams. You can do anything you set your mind to. I look forward to where this crazy ride will take me.





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