Next round of expansion cities make sales pitch to MLS

This upcoming 2015 MLS season, Orlando City will be the league’s new kids on the block, along with fellow debutants New York City FC, but it is never too early to start looking at who will joining the MLS party next.

The three cities vying for the next bid are Sacramento, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas. These prospective MLS franchises have clearly been inspired by the amount of fun Orlando City is having as it prepares to join the league. They want a piece of the action, and who can blame them?

MLS head honcho Don Garber brought the contestants to New York City and waited for the wooing to commence. We may not know exactly what these presentations had to offer but we can only assume it was a combination of a high school-style recruiting trip mixed with a Don Garber-centered Jeopardy game, where Garber himself got to play the Trebek role. (Sacramento, stop board jumping looking for Daily Doubles!)

He did offer this tidbit following the meeting saying,

“We had productive expansion meetings today with representatives from Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Sacramento. We were impressed with the presentations made by each group. Following our MLS Board of Governors meeting on December 6, we will provide an update on the expansion process and timeline.”

Now let’s focus on which of these cities would have the most to offer Orlando City fans as they position themselves to take the MLS Fresh Meat (patent pending) title from us and NYCFC.


Pros: The Lion King musical debuted in Minneapolis before going to Broadway, and Lion connections are always PAWsitive.

Cons: Cold, just unnecessarily cold. Us Floridians and our Sunshine State players don’t need to subject ourselves to any more frigid tundra than we will already be facing in MLS.


Pros: Sacramento has a gold mine tour on a mine cart buggy thing that looks awesome!

Cons: Upon further research, said gold mine is closed and now I will never get to ride into a magical golden cavern. THANKS A LOT FOR MAKING ME SAD SACRAMENTO!

Las Vegas

Pros: Gambling, debauchery, all you can eat buffets, pool parties, watching drunk people spend copious amounts of money at said pool parties.

Cons: Less than 100 miles from Area 51. The last thing we need is some aliens beaming up Kaka for testing on his out-of-this-world first touch.


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