A ‘Status Update’ From The Mane Land

Two months and one day ago I launched a free WordPress blog to talk about Orlando City SC. I fired up a quick Twitter account and Facebook page to go with it and put up about a story per day for the last week of September. The site got an average of five page views per day. I wasn’t sure where it was going, but I knew I wanted to create a place where enthusiastic contributors provided daily offerings that Orlando City fans might want to consume.

Now, as we prepare for our move to the SB Nation network, the site is finding its audience despite the fact that the club is months away from its first MLS game and hasn’t even compiled a complete roster yet. Sure, there have been some big events, such as the stadium groundbreaking and the 2015 uniform unveiling, but many days we’ve battled to create content that we think Orlando City fans in particular, and soccer fans in general, will find engaging and interesting.

Hundreds of fans visit this site each day. Most days we’ve been able to provide at least two posts—usually about the Lions, but sometimes about the USMNT or MLS in general. I’ve been fortunate to find several great people who share my vision for the site and my fandom of Orlando City. These people are willing to spend their valuable time writing things for you to read. They do it gratis and they are proving to be pretty good at it, despite not being trained journalists.

And they’re getting better, the more they do it.

Our plan is to cover our favorite team with (hopefully) the professionalism of a good media outlet and the perspective of fans of the club. We’d like to be first with a story, but we’ll always try to err on the side of accuracy over speed.

We plan to bring you information, analysis and humor, along with cool videos and pictures, and anything else we think you’ll like. We have a guy bringing you updates from our USL Pro affiliate in Louisville. We have another writer keeping you up to date on City’s youth academy happenings. We’ve got a decent sized staff now, but we plan to grow it even further.

We hope those of you who have found this site to be a worthwhile daily stop will follow us to SB Nation. We can do a lot more and present it in a much more attractive way over there, plus the network gives fans an opportunity to interact via the comments sections, fanshots and fanposts. We hope you’ll enjoy our new digs.

Orlando City has its Society XXI. Those of you who found us here are our version of that. You got in on the ground floor and gave us a chance early on, before our new “stadium” was even built. We appreciate that.

Thanks. We look forward to building something special with you, and where Orlando City goes, we’ll follow.


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