Did EA Sports Leak City’s New Road Jersey?

Update: NYCFC has confirmed the leaked EA Sports jersey is their official away shirt. We await confirmation from Orlando City.

EA Sports’ FIFA games are a big hit with soccer fans worldwide. Gamers have been eagerly awaiting the inclusion of Orlando City and NYCFC on the November update for awhile. The FIFA ’15 online web app and the phone app appear to have leaked the away shirt for both Orlando City and New York City FC, as noted in a tweet by Ben Jata.

The new road kit?

The EA Sports road OCSC (pictured at right) looks beautiful and really isn’t a surprise, as it’s basically the inverse of the purple home jersey. It incorporates the subtle hoop-like pattern in white with purple shoulder stripes, purple trim and the sponsor logo also in purple. The MLS patches appear on the sleeves as usual, as well as the Adidas and club logos on the front. It’s a sharp, sleek look, much like the home uniform. It takes no real chances, but it does look good.

Many fans were hoping for a gold away uniform. That was never the most likely outcome.

The NYCFC away kit appears to be a nice departure from the Manchester City knockoff revealed at the club’s home jersey unveiling. The shirt is black with a subtle diagonal stripe pattern and the sponsor logo and trim is the same powder blue as the home shirt. it also features a small orange triangle below the front collar. It’s a much more striking shirt and probably should be their home kit.

The new NYCFC road jersey?
The new NYCFC road jersey?

A kit search on your console will reveal these items up for bid but the EA embargo means you won’t really see them on the console as depicted here. The away shirts were likely supposed to be unveiled during MLS’s Jersey Week but EA Sports may have jumped the gun just a tad. If these are indeed the new looks the team will sport away from home, there shouldn’t be too much complaining. Both are nicely designed and should sell by the boat load.


One thought on “Did EA Sports Leak City’s New Road Jersey?”

  1. NYCFC just revealed their away jersey. looks just like the one you posted above, so that makes it even more likely that EA leaked the OCSC away shirt.


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