Update on Orlando City’s Soccer Stadium

Orlando City broke ground on its new soccer stadium on Oct. 16. It’s been a little over a month since the ceremonial scoops of purple sand kicked off the construction of the new home of the Lions, which I’ve decided to call “Roarsville” for the time being, and possibly in perpetuity.

Yesterday, the club issued a progress report on the downtown stadium, as well as the ongoing community outreach taking place as the edifice is constructed.

“Since our groundbreaking in October, crews have begun the monumental task of transforming the site into a world class multi-use stadium that will stimulate the community through job creation and long-term economic benefits,” said Orlando City Founder and President Phil Rawlins in an official club press release. “Also, we have continued the process of collecting community input and feedback to ensure the community of Parramore is a close partner of ours. This stadium will not only appropriately represent the community, but it will inspire it for the future. We are excited for the months ahead as we approach the spring of 2016.”

In the month since the groundbreaking, workers have been draining the retention pond and rerouting pipes in the lot at the corner of Church St. and Parramore Ave.

Ever cognizant of the neighborhood their new structure will inhabit, the club has been involved with the Parramore community, keeping citizens apprised of progress, goals and initiatives, via the Parramore Stadium Advisory Task Force. This special committee will meet quarterly “to ensure the heritage and culture of Parramore are incorporated into the new stadium design.”

The club and the city of Orlando held a pair of community meetings on Nov. 12—a stadium construction project community update in Parramore, providing a forum for resident feedback and concerns, and the City of Orlando’s Blueprint Initiative. The initiative works to ensure the community benefits from the project, seeing that at least 24 percent of the contracts go to businesses owned by women or minorities.

[Photo courtesy of Orlando City SC]



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